Agnes has been my physiotherapist for the past ten years. I would highly recommend
her, she is extremely professional, kind and considerate. She motivates me in a positive
manner to get the best out of my mobility, making what could be difficult with my disability a lot easier for me.

C5 Spinal Cord Injury.

I had a  severe stroke four years ago, which left me with mobility problems.  Agnes has been my companion on my road to recovery. She is a dedicated professional concerned with her patients’ wellness. I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

Stroke Patient

Agnes has done an excellent job keeping me mobile for the last 10 years, using a tailored mixture of treatments and exercise and highly recommended.

Stroke patient

Agnes will look at your case thoroughly and take a professional opinion on what can change, and she will be extremely positive about everything to do with your situation.

Gary Powel
Acquired brain injury (ABI)

Being recently diagnosed with MS, the empathy, encouragement and knowledge that Agnes has, helped me work towards strengthening my muscles and improving my balance.  The positivity and the use of different therapies were very welcome and offered a more holistic approach to increasing my mobility.

Jane Hugh
Multiple sclerosis

Agnes has been my physiotherapist for three years and she has all the knowledge, skill, and professionalism one would expect from a top-tier PT. But equally as important are her standards of humanity and care. Agnes is kind, considerate, and compassionate; she shows her commitment to my well-being time and time again, as my issues become her issues and she is not satisfied until they’re sorted. Needless to say, I recommend Agnes without reservation to anyone seeking an outstanding physiotherapist

Robert Gairns

I can recommend Agnieszka for her FES services, she both professional and caring in her approach combined with her considerable knowledge of the products she gets you moving again.

Duncan McKay
Walkaide user

I was introduced to Agnes Kubalica shortly after suffering a quite severe stroke in June 2012. The stroke had affected my left side and I was unable walk or use my left arm. Agnes was very active in getting me walking again, also in recovering the use in my left arm sufficiently for me to return to receiving golf coaching, with the aid of a specialist glove to compensate for the lack of finger strength grip. Which was all a great benefit to my general recovery. During the time I have worked with Agnes I have found her a very dedicated, professional person, who is obviously very talented. She is also not only very motivating but extremely skilled in offering excellent support and understanding with regard to the many emotional and personal problems that are an immense part of stroke recovery.

John Prewer

I am very appreciative of the professional and empathetic treatment I have been receiving from my therapist for the past 3 years. I have found the technical and physical support I have been given regarding my disability, and Walkaide device, invaluable in enabling me to greatly improve my mobility and general fitness. The therapist shows a wide range of skills and knowledge and delivers treatment in a very professional and pleasant manner.

Maxine Green
MS sufferer

Agnes is a very professional, hardworking and friendly physiotherapist. I have a C6 spinal cord injury and have had Agnes as my physiotherapist for several years. I have found her to be very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She has enabled me to increase what I am able to achieve. I am happy to recommend her as a physiotherapist

Richard Wilson