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You have the right to vibrant health – I will help you to get there 

Do you have problems with movements, pains or stiff joints?

Those are common symptoms caused by

  • injuries
  • osteoarthritis
  • muscles imbalance

I will assess you, and create a treatment plan that will ease those symptoms.

I offer these treatments that will help you.

Neurological physiotherapy

Have you suffered from a stroke, brain/spinal cord injury or MS?

If you have a neurological condition, you’re in the right place to

  • improve your walking
  • feel stronger
  • control your body better

I use a combination of hands-on treatment with the the correct devices and support, to help you achieve your goals.

Find more about available therapies and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Do you want to make positive changes to your life?

Do you want to make a positive change, but you

  • struggle with motivation
  • don't know where to start
  • lack of direction

Inspirational coaching will support you in taking those steps towards a healthier you.

What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neuro Physiotherapy uses a combination of therapeutic approaches to stimulate the recovery of normal movement . Hands-on therapy techniques and rehabilitation exercises aim to help an individual to re-learn ‘normal’ movement patterns and to interpret sensations appropriately, by stimulating their nervous system in a specific way. 

Enjoy the benefits of the holistic approach

  • Client-centred therapy

    I treat you as a whole person, looking at your goals and aspirations when determining the best treatment plan to help you reach your desired outcomes.

  • Physical Recovery

    The treatments we provide will help you regain a wider range of movements performed with ease and control.

  • Exploring mind-body Connection

    I help you to find a link between your emotional, psychological state and the physical symptoms occurring in your body. I explore how to reconnect your mind and body to achieve a healthy balance.

  • Nourishment

    A balanced diet with additional supplements will enhance the results of your therapy and contribute to reduced specific symptoms. Good nutrition helps with quicker recovery and improved well-being.

  • Inspirational Coaching

    The journey to better health, and reaching your goals often needs emotional support. I can guide you how to stay motivated, deal with setbacks, and find ways to keep going.

  • The missing Link

    I work with a network of like-minded independent therapists, who will contribute to your progression, including a splinting specialist, speech therapist, wellness adviser and other health professionals.

Agnieszka Kubalica

Neurological physiotherapist since 2008.

I have been helping my clients as an independent practitioner with professional physiotherapy services since 2014.

I see clients in Milton Keynes clinic or in their homes if they prefer. My region is  Milton Keynes, Bedford, Luton, Aylesbury, Buckingham and Northampton and surrounding areas. Please get in touch for other locations.

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