Why is good nourishment and nutrition important?

Every person who recovers from an injury or significant illness requires intensive support to restore a healthy balance.

Our philosophy is that supporting your physical recovery requires looking at the bigger picture.

Good hydration

We educate our clients regarding optimum hydration to improve the flexibility of the muscles and soft tissues. It aids the cleansing processes of your bodies to remove toxins, by-products of the metabolism and used medications.

nourishment & nutrition

Why do I need to think about my diet?

nourishment & nutrition

A balanced, healthy diet is crucial to help your body with:

  • Improving your general strength
  • Recovering from illness
  • Contributing positively to your vitality.


Most of us would benefit from additional supplements to enhance our steps to wellness. An example could be magnesium used in the form of bath salts, or oils to assist with muscles functioning, relaxation and reduced cramping sensation. All of those symptoms are very common in people with reduced mobility or being a wheelchair user.

At times, we could suggest using B12 vitamin, which is supportive with dealing with fatigue or the frequent follow-up symptoms post-stroke or any following major neurological incidents.

Another example would be vitamin D which is crucial for your immune and skeleton system. It could cause sleeping problems if you have a deficiency.

We want our clients to recover, rest well during the night, and so be ready for another day filled with activities, we want to make sure that all are in a optimum condition.

We believe a healthy body assists in building the resilience, which is required on the journey to wellness.