How will I help you?

  • Assess the problems

    In the initial sessions we will look at your symptoms, looking at the whole body and any barriers to getting you back to better health.

  • Develop a treatment plan

    Together we develop a treatment plan that will get the result you are looking for.

  • Get you back to vibrant health

    I use different treatments, both in our sessions, and for you to carry out at home, to get you back to vibrant health; monitoring and assessing your progress along the way.

How will I do this?

  • Physical Activities

    Treatment may include exercises and hands-on treatments such as the Emmett Technique, soft tissue therapy, PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) . We also use external support, compression garments, braces and splints.

  • Re-education

    You will gain awareness of correct movement patterns, body alignment and positioning in relation to your muscle activation.

  • Independent treatment

    I will encourage you to continue your treatment at home to support pour sessions. This may include prescribed exercises, controlled breathing and active relaxation.

What treatments do I use?


Neurological physiotherapy

Neurological Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which helps clients with neurological conditions. The overall aim is to improve affected function through retraining optimum movement patterns, limiting compensation and restoring tolerance for daily living activities such as washing, dressing, walking, performing hobbies.


Soft tissue therapy

This method treats all structures located between skin, bones and muscles. It helps to improve tissues’  flexibility and in results we can achieve the increased range of movements, muscles relaxation  and improved  general well-being. Those manipulations will involve trigger points therapy, massage, myofascial release and stretching.


Postural awareness

You will learn you how to hold yourself straighter and decrease back and limb strains during everyday life. Simple pointers on how to assess your posture and help your body to move more freely.


Emmett technique

The Emmett Technique is a type of soft tissue therapy relying on the gentle touch the interactive points of muscles, to enable the body to restore its innate balance and correct alignment.

It will help you by reducing pain and muscle stiffness, and improving your range of movement. For more details and videos please have a look at the Emmett Technique website.


Saebo Management system

Saebo is the management system created around various products from to support and train the affected upper limb function.

Saebo flex – this is an exercise hand brace, which will help with implementing active movement of hands, using springs assistance for training opening and closing a hand, elbow and shoulder motions, by using the whole upper limb in movement.

Saebo stretch is a dynamic hand splint, that helps with lengthening soft tissues . It is adjusted as muscle tone changes during activities called the associated reactions.

Saebo glove supports your hand in a more functional position when you experience flaccid, or low tone hand.


Functional electrical stimulation (FES)


I offer you the PACE XL®  foot drop stimulators . This device help clients to activate paralysed or weak muscles. It lifts the foot up during walking, helping you walk further or helping with transfers on stairs. You can use this device to strengthen other muscles too.

ALFESS ™ Functional Electrical Stimulation System

ALFESS ™  Functional Electrical Stimulation System is a wireless, smart device to assist with foot drop, reduced foot and toe clearance during walking. It stimulates the nerves to achieve the dorsi flexion of the foot.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is the treatment concept that relies on the connection between muscles and nerves, to stimulate the brain in order to correct movement patterns. The concept is based on the specific way of exercising muscles in full stretch position to full contraction. It is a very helpful technique to train the muscles activation, their timing and co-ordination.

This is a great concept to engage the rotatory muscles in stabilising your movement and stability, and endurance. It is used frequently in sports training due to efficient results and can be adjusted to individual abilities.

Emmett demo talk

If you are employer, or leader of charity, or interest group, who would like  a demonstration of the Emmett technique, its application and potential presentation on attendees. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Self-help course

Easy Muscles Management for EveryBody

I co-host the short day course created to introduce you self-help course based on Emmett Technique.

This is an 8-hour workshop when you learn 11 moves to support your body with quality movement, better-activated muscles, reduced discomfort and improve balance.