MSc (Hons) in physiotherapy – Methods of therapy for patients with muscles spasticity
BS (Hons) in physiotherapy –  Modern treatment methods of physiotherapy after stroke

Education Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University
Oct 2001 – June 2006
Faculty of Health Science, Krakow, Poland

professional Courses and Qualifications

Beyond 7As – workshop with Ross Emmett
Aug 2019

EMM-TECH short course for small animals
Jan 2019

Kinesio taping in neurology
Nov 2017

Advanced Emmett Practitioners Course 1-5
Sept 2016- June 2019

Short Emm – Tech (Easy Muscle Management) tutors training
Dec 2019, Dec 2017

Full Emmett Practitioner course – Module 1-6
Nov 2014 – Dec 2015

Preparation and splinting upper limb with abnormal tone
12th -13th Oct 2015

Myofascial release course by John Annan
15-16th Nov 2014 & 9-10th Feb 2013

Moving & Handling people – annual update
7th Aug 2014

H200 wireless hand stimulator- product training
15th Aug 2013

Saebo Myotrac Inifiniti- product training
14th July 2013

Myofascial release in neurology
12th May 2013

My Gait – product training
15th Feb 2013

Neurostimulation course – Otto-Bock
11th -12th April 2012

First Aid training
March 2012, Feb 2018

Stiwell MED4 – product training
4th &12th Jan 2012

Bioness L300 update training
16th Nov 2011

People Manual & handling instructor course
9th -10th Feb 2011

Neuromuscular Energising Therapy (NET) – module II
11th -12th March 2011

Medico-legal training of report writing
20th Nov 2010

Neuromuscular Energising Therapy (NET) – module III (lower limbs)
13th -14th Nov 2010

Walkaide System course 20th Oct 2010

Bioness course – L300 and H200 – introduction and clinical application
21st -23rd May 2010

Neuromuscular Energising Therapy (NET) – module I
5th-6th Dec 2009

The introductory course to Bobath concept (modules I-III)
19th Feb-17th April 2009

BIRT intermediate (neurobehavioral approach to ABI rehabilitation)
20th -23rd Oct 2008

Saebo Arm Training Program – I Clinical Level
12th Oct 2007

Certificate in Advance English (Level 2 – ESOL Examinations) – University of Cambridge
6th Aug 2007

BIRT Basic (induction training into Rehabilitation of Brain Injury)
18th Dec 2007

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training by Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust
12th Dec 2007

Spasticity and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) – 50 hrs
23rd April 2006

Advanced course of PNF concept – IPNFA course – 50 hrs 10th July 2006

Basic course of PNF concept – IPNFA course – 100 hrs
9th Jan 2006

Classical Massage course – 100 hrs
3rd April 2003

Thera – Band – System of progressive resistance exercises
20th March 2003