Planning process in your rehabilitation

The ship without the course is lost during the sea journey. The same rule applies to rehabilitation without the plan. It can be a lengthy process without satisfaction and drive to create new results. I enjoy taking part in peoples’ journey to recovery post any incidents… No matters how big or small it was. What is essential for me is to know if the client is aware of his desires for improvement. Once we clarify it, we aim to formulated (short and long term) priorities. The next step is to create an action plan. We break down the goal to small parts and set a deadline to achieve it. The timescale makes us more focused on actions and reducing the distractions of surrounding issues. 

As the clinician, I will share with a client the sequence of tasks, building blocks required to make something materialised in your performance. They will cover physical changes required, e.g. improved muscle flexibility or/and strength but also the mental aspect of the action such as reasonable movement control executed by the brain, confidence level or concentration needed to fulfil the desired effect. 

For example, the new client arrives for an assessment with the stiff calf post-stroke. He can walk a short distance, however, reports issues with transfers on the stairs. In such a scenario, I will explore soft tissue therapy to improve muscle flexibility in the lower leg- not only mentioned calf but also front shin muscles. They both work as the unit.

Secondly, we explore the mobility of the ankle joint and what can be done to improve it. The following stage would be retraining muscle activity to help with swift action and relaxation. In the end, after repeating home exercises to practises between sessions, the client will receive other techniques to support the recovery. Based on this brief outline, the progression from one treatment to another is formulated on how many changes will occur between them. Proactive clients invest their energy into independent practise usually heal quicker with better results. Others required more time, encouragement, and ongoing guidance to make progress. 

Whatever is your symptoms/condition, I firmly believe we can find a more effective way to manage it. Get your goal set today to start your journey to wellness!

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