Is doing exercises – easy or hard for you?

I think everyone faced in their life the search for suitable exercises. We had tried different options and sometimes stuck with them or fall off the wagon after the short while. Why is it so hard to stick with good intentions of getting fitter?

In the past, I would stay it depends on the level of your motivations and discipline, but it proved that more complex. As we are in unusual times now, I have been going through brushing on my skills and training. I came across the 8 colours of fitness by Suzanne Brue.

It appeared the clear insight into what are your preferences is the key factor how well you adhere to your fitness routine. The author divided people into 8 categories based on the psychological type and their approach to fitness.

Your type of your personality influences on the choices of the activities that work for you.  What would you say if you could learn today what exercises or how your routine needs to look like to stick with forever? Sounds very promising, doesn’t it?

Please try to go over the 15 questions and learn more about yourself and your profile. I resonated strongly with me and confirmed that certain things are more productive more me than others. The happier you are with your routine, the most significant changes you will continue with it and achieve great results.

Having known what type you are, it makes my work more efficient.  I can support you with details instructions if you are the gold type or just a quick outline of things to explore if you are the red type.


The 8 Colors of Fitness: Discover Your Color-Coded Fitness Personality and Create an Exercise Program You’ll Never Quit (Oakledge, 2008)

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